we make soft tops and car hoods by hand
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Coburn Soft Top and Car Hoods

We are a small family firm and have been trading from this address for over 30 years. During that time we have built a good reputation for quality, attention to detail and an efficient friendly service.

Our bespoke service is well known for its quality and eye for detail. Many vintage and premier cars have been repaired or overhauled by us. We have also done work on horse drawn carriages. For our custom work, or specialist hoods and seats. Custom car hoods

Coburn Hoods can repair, or replace soft tops and car hoods for a large range of cars. We already have the templates for the material of many popular soft tops and card hoods, for which we have done work in the past.

Due to our low overheads we are competitive on price on your soft top without a loss in quality. We are also flexible on design matters, Colour variation, and other details such as colouredge binding or Mohair instead of PVC.